Plg-In was inspired by the rush of the city

We are exposed to hundreds of printed media and physical advertisement each day but in a world full of rush, when do we actually stop and look at the details. 

This is a collaborative project created at a Hackathon (StarterHacks 2017) with Nathan Liu and Anthony Tran. We were given 24 hours to "hack" a project.


Conceptualizing (shared)

UX/UI Design



Adobe Creative Suite

Google Cloud Vision API

Facebook Graph API

Android Studio

Spell Check API


24 hours (February 2017)


Through our interface, Plg-In, the user is able to collect all the data about the event and save it for later. As well as being provided with relevant event information and suggested events based on the photography of the poster that was captured. 

Exploration Questions:

• How do people find out about events? (specifically students on campus)

• What platforms does the target audience use?

Using Format