The Future of Libraries: Self Publication

This is a self-directed publication that explores the possibilities of how public libraries in Toronto can be transformed into a different space as new ways of accessing prints and media emerge. Through data and user research, I search for ways of how other cities are changing the space to be appealing and resourceful for the community, as well as, how libraries can benefit the users.

Special thanks to Lisa G. Macdonald for the binding! ✨


User and Data Research


Graphic Design


Adobe Creative Suite

35mm Film

Digital Photography


4 months (Winter semester 2017)


The printed publication is 11"x17" and is meant to express the irony of the space that the library takes up when it is not being used during off hour. Digital symbols such as binary code and pixelation can be found throughout the publication to represent the technological disruption to an educational and communal space.

Exploration Questions:

• Why do/don't people use the public library?

• Who are the users?

• What other spaces do the current users go to?

• What resources does the community need?

*All images are taken by me except for the following pages:

Case Study 01:

Case Study 02:

Case Study 03:

Case Study 05:

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