Meaningful Consumption with 

Lululemon Athletica

Trend forecasting, being observant of behavioural patterns was introduced to us with this project. We researched the theme of 'Meaningful Consumption' where we mashed up two found trends to create Health-Aid. Our objective was to expand a brand with Health-Aid. Who better than an innovative athletic apparel brand that is constantly on its toes for creating a better experience for their community: Lululemon Athletica.

we conducted in-depth research on lululemon's business direction, values, and user base to conceptualize opportunities for harnessing the Health-Aid trend. After researching lateral spaces and creating several maps, we developed Presence.

This is a collaborative project with Simran Dadlani and Domenic Violante for Conceptual Tools. Special thanks to Alexander Manu!

*Disclaimer: Lululemon Athletica has no association with Presence, only used for project purposes.


Data Research (shared)

Conceptualizing (shared)

Visual Design (shared)

UX/UI Design

Videographer and Editor


Adobe Creative Suite

Trend Analyzing

Strategic Foresight

Video Production


4 months (Fall semester 2016)

Part 1.

Understanding and dissecting the trends and how to utilize them to envision a new trend.

Part 2.

Using the trend that we envisioned to create an opportunity for a company (Lululemon Athletica) through understanding their organization.

Part 3.

Designing and developing a MVP product for the company through strategic foresight.


Presence is an app concept that offers the Lululemon community a path to self-actualization with the opportunity to experience more — a priceless currency.

Exploration Questions:

• How can Lululemon Athletica involve local businesses with their brand?

• How can this be a collaborative experience?

Part 4.

Demonstrating the MVP.

App demo of Presence.

Using Format